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A gravy fishing guide.

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A gravy fishing guide.

Post by Shadowblade on Sat Dec 19, 2015 5:53 am

1-99 Fishing

Hey guys and welcome to my fishing tutorial, first step first get 1,000 gp or more and open your spell book, there's a teleport labled skills, click the icon for (in reg rs) the ardy Tele.

From there click the next page button
and then the fishing button.

Talk to the fisherman/store here and purchase any given net you need. (
Hit the bank and deposit everything but a small net, then head back to the fisherman and teleport to alkharid.

Fish a full invy of shrimp and anchovies, odds are since both can be caught we might not end up at the same level but I ended up at

At this point I can fish with a big net, or by bait but depending on your next step I recommend going for mackerels at the fishing guild (where you happen to be~) they only require level 10, a big fishing net and net more exp than shrimps and anchovies (at least up until you get high enough for the next step!

This is what happened to come out two full invies of fishing with the big net

You may have to fish some more here but if not change over to tunas (harpoon) they happen to be in the same place in the bubbly area with cage and harpoon.

example :

I only needed to fish one invy of tuna but I fished two because I can

Next step is lobsters! Grab your lobster cage and head back to the spot you where at last time, they're worth 1350 exp and you might be spending quite some time here. Thus is the reason why I included the exp value they carry.

Now during my time period I ended up afking partially an invy and ended up in combat with one of the bubble pools im not sure why but the target was invisible and died before I could really check into it

another one appeared it died on the docks
loot is as follows
Minus the rune arrows

Now to the next part, monk fish right? Unless you did swordies, which Im unaware of the exp gain so, once you hit that point head over to the fishing master annnnd nope? If you thought the fishing requirement for monkfish was 62 apparently not! I'm unaware as to why this happens, but you've gotta ship on back til you get to level 68, which is rather unfortunate.

At the point of reaching level 68 I had the following quantity of fish, monster loots will be included below to give a better example
in total of how much I'd had to this point, so subtract those from what I list here:

68 shrimps
4 anchovies
36 mackerels
18 cod
59 tuna
571 lobsters
50 salmon
32 bass
18 swordfish
37 sardine
16 trout

Monster kill loots
-56 salmon
-47 shrimps
-7 swordfish
-18 tuna
-20 lobsters
-16 trout
-37 sardine
-32 bass

From here, head back on over to the bank, get a fishing net and talk to the master fisher. Piscatorious fishing colony is our next step, directly north from the place you land is where you'll be fishing next~
Here you'll be catching monkfish
1800 exp per monkfish

They're not slow exp and you'll only be here until level 76!

494 monkfish is how many I had to catch for sharks.

For the next and potentially final step head back to the fishing guild, now this is a really complicated choice, sharks are worth 1650 exp per catch but are considerably better food than monkfish.
Here's the filthy filthy part, which makes me cry a little inside
I hit my mark of 76 fishing
According to my experience different which is around 11m between my current count to level 99 It would take over 7,000 sharks to hit 99

It is unknown to me whether or not manta rays or sea tortoises/turtles (not sure which one it is) happen to be in game let alone their exp rates.

So, if they are hopefully they are worth more and hopefully I can get the exp buffed up to at the least 2400 exp per shark because for the time being this rate is filthy low.

At 2400 it comes out to be 4000 sharks
considerably better
still filthy

I hope I helped everyone out~
I look forward to seeing you in game.

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